Where we aim to transform individuals into financial veterans

We provide our members with a platform to escalate their skill sets and abilities, ideate and organize awe-inspiring events, garnish their marketing knacks and hence evolve as a leader.

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The platform for gaining financial knowledge

Build your knowledge and equip yourself with insights from the world of finance - Be ready to take on the world.

Our Events

Initiated in 2016, The Finance and Investment Cell, Kirori Mal College is a student driven institution for knowledge maximization in the fields of Finance, Business and Economics with an aim to transform individuals into financial veterans, equiping them with the weapon of knowledge. Our wide range of events ensure the same!


Adhimulya, the annual scholastic fest of The Finance & Investment Cell, Kirori Mal College is an event that featured three mind-boggling competitions for the year 2020. The first on the list being The Chronicles of Corporates, a dynamic case study competition with a twist that enhanced business wit and decision making among the finalists. Followed by Biz Quizzards, a quiz competition covering finance and business-related questions, and Demonstrabo, the research paper presentation competition which involved meticulous research papers under the ambit of finance, business, and economics. Owing to the covid situation, Adhimulya was shifted online for the year 2020 yet it was a success and credibility remained intact!
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Mulya is the annual fest of the Finance & Investment Cell, Kirori Mal College, having various profuse and extravagant events and competitions. For the year 2021 three spectacular events were organized namely THE CORPORATE SHOWDOWN - an entrepreneurial and ideation competition that rendered an exuberant corporate exposure where contestants' logical aptitude and reasoning skills were at stake, IPL AUCTION- ace under the hammer, an exciting auction simulation event with a backdrop of IPL to trigger the bidder and stimulate the love for cricket within every contestant. Participant's wit, money management skills, and cricketing knowledge were tested here to the fullest and RAID THE TRADE- CAN YOU ROCK THE STOCKS? an eagerly awaited stock market simulation competition under the fest. Participants were tested upon their comprehension of market trends in a live-trading setup. In a nutshell, MULYA’21 has exemplified the ultimate array of fascinating activities on a solitary platform.
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Say hello to Investreet 👋

Investreet, the Annual Finance E-Journal is an initiative that aims to improve the financial knowledge of the audience and to develop an interest in the fields of finance, investment economics, and business. Its inaugural edition was released on 16 April 2021. This year's edition featured articles and research papers on diverse topics coming under the ambit of the subject matter of Finance. It includes just about everything that a perfect journal has, right from crosswords, stock markets to business models

Why Finance and Investment Cell, Kirori Mal College?

An Opportunity To Learn

We are a student-driven initiative to promote knowledge sharing and to spread awareness in the matters of Finance, Business and Economics. With the enthusiasm and inclination to propagate financial literacy amongst students and society, we organise various workshops, seminars, field trips and exciting events. It provides an opportunity even for students with a non-commerce background to increase their financial acumen. We provide our members with a platform to escalate their financial instincts and help them gain insights into the field of investing.

Our Events

Events organised by FIC KMC are with the objective of not only providing the participants with real-life experience but also teaching them about the complexities and intricacies of the corporate world. It challenges their logical aptitude, speculative foresightedness and their ability to comprehend the market trends which helps them get one step closer to becoming a connoisseur.

Our Mentors

Mrs Seema Joshi - She has been a constant support and motivation in the formation of this society. We are always thankful to her for guiding us to new stages of opportunity and strength. Her perseverance and integrity have helped us achieve the milestones that we could have never gotten to without your leadership.

Our Values

One of the most integral parts of the smooth and happy working of FIC is our values which have been held by our members since the beginning and have never been compromised whatever the situation has prevailed. We have consistently believed in volunteerism rather than forcing members to work, team spirit and cooperation have always been promoted, everyone in the society has always been welcoming to ideas and much more. These values have never been sacrificed and won’t ever be in the future

It's Insanely Amazing!

As a part of FIC, one gets to experience an insane journey as we not only maximizes knowledge of our members about finance and investment but also provides them unprecedented corporate exposure, chance to interact with eminent veterans in the field of finance, a lot of chances are being provided by the society to evolve as a leader, enhance personality and event organizing skills and significantly more. And the cherry on the cake is that we have an awesome team with whom anyone will enjoy working.


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